Self Publishing tips.

I was asked to express my opinion and perhaps some tips on self-publishing.  Although I prefer traditional publishing I feel that self-publishing can be successful, with the right tools and a budget any author can gain an audience and make sales.

If you are thinking about self-publishing your book, think long and hard about all of the pros and cons of this type of endeavor. The competition in the literary industry is only going to grow, for the writer as well as the publisher.  Marketing your book, and paying all of the associated cost of publishing a high quality book can be a full time job and can take a large investment financially.  

 The publishing industry has changed a great deal through the years. Most new writers are not going to get the multi-million dollar contract from the big houses. Gone are the days of big advances and huge advertising budgets for the no name writer.  It can be attractive to become your own publisher. There are writers who make a living from self-publishing. In the past five years big publishing houses have had to become more particular with the books they accept for publication making it harder to get a contract for your book. However, with the growing ability of writers to self-publish their material and set up shop on their own web site or online markets, and small niche publishing houses springing up all over the world, it has become easier for new and self-published writers to obtain an outlet. However, this creates more competition and makes quality control hard to achieve. It is more difficult to find distributors or printers who are willing to work with self-published authors. Companies such as and are very helpful and usually less expensive than the big printers that usually will only accept orders of five-hundred books or more. It is vital in this day and age to make your book stand out among the thousands that are offered on sites such as Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. The average writer has approximately ten seconds to grab the reader’s attention and make a sale.  A great cover image and interesting back cover copy is a must for any writer to have a chance of gaining an audience over the competition.

 Join associations and organizations that help you find a mentor, or can put you in touch with other writers and publishers who can give you advice. Social media is very important, your online presence can help make sales, find editors, distributor and others who can help you achieve your publishing goals. Join sites like Facebook and Google+; make certain you have a blog and a web site to promote yourself and your work. It is vital to advertise your book, even yourself. Advertising can be expensive and not always effective, but it is necessary for the self-published author to get as much as they can at a price they can afford. Print magazines are a good source, usually the quarterlies are cheaper than those that publish every month, and a small magazine may be cheaper than a more popular one. For the first time self-published author cost will play the biggest role in what type and which outlet you use, or what advertising you can afford.

 The best thing you can do as a self-published author is write a compelling story. Edit your work and know your material. If you write non-fiction, research your facts and make certain that you do not add facts that you are not able to back up. If you write fiction, create interesting believable characters and a consistent plot. Be original and edit, edit, edit! Write the best material you can, every time you write, promote your work, publish a quality product and you will find that you will begin to gain an audience and make sales.



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